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We are happy to once again partner with STEM for Kids to offer after school programming for our elementary-age students (grades 1 through 6).  We will hold classes after school from 3:30-4:30, with sessions for Grades 1-2 (or beginner STEM learners) on Tuesdays, and Grades 3-6 (or advanced STEM learners) on Thursdays.  See below for descriptions, followed by a sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

Grades 1-2 (or Beginner STEM) Offerings:

Robotics Intro (Session 1): Participants will be introduced to the world of robotics and the many ways people depend on them to improve our lives.  Each week the children will be able to build and code a robot to do amazing things!  This course is an introduction to basic computer programming as well.  Participants will build racecars, buzzing bees that fly, land rovers and more!  Previous robotics participants WILL be provided brand new challenges!

SCRATCH Jr. (Session 2):  Participants will be introduced to the world of coding with this touch screen, drag and drop format.  They will see their imaginations come to life all while they are deeply engaged in problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity!  Any previous coding students will be provided more in-depth projects.  Although, this is technically an easier format of coding than regular SCRATCH, it definitely has the potential to challenge anyone without the need for computer skills.

Robotics (Session 3):  This follow up robotics program will provide a focus on problem solving.  Participants will be presented each week with a unique problem.  They will brainstorm solutions robots could provide and then, with some program assistance, build and code original robots to meet the challenges.  We will provide the participants with as little assistance as we can to allow them a chance to experience the engineering design process; imagine, plan, build, test, reimagine etc. 


Grades 3-6 (or Advanced STEM) Offerings:

Website Design (Session 1):  Students will delve into the World Wide Web and learn the amazing benefits it offers as well as how to remain safe while using it.  Participants will explore an area of passion and build their very own website to share with the world.  They will add pictures, videos, blog posts and more all while maintaining the safety standards.   As they discover the behind the scenes of developing a site, the skill levels of individuals will determine the amount of computer programming is involved in the development of the site. Civil Engineering FUN(Session 2):  This introductory class will provide the foundational skills involved in utilizing the format. Participants will engage in a civil engineering project to build structures within specific confines of budget and materials. As a group, they will construct an entire city including roads, public services, homes etc.  If time permits, coding will be introduced to the participants as a way to create their own game modifications. 

Eyeing Virtual Reality (Session 3): Participants will learn about the human eye and develop their own virtual reality world using drag and drop coding similar to SCRATCH. The majority of the time will be spent creating their own VR creations on the computer.  If they can dream up a world, they can build it and “visit” it. We will build the worlds on the computer but they will be viewed via a smartphone placed in Google Cardboard VR glasses. NOTE:  Students will be charged an extra $10 to purchase the Google Cardboard VR glasses.  The children will be truly amazed as well as their parents!