Rock Prairie Montessori School has many events through the school year. These events include fundraisers, social get togethers and educational opportunities. Our school year calendar offers parents some dates of events that are scheduled before the school year starts. As more events are scheduled they will be added to the school Google calendar (located under Parent Resources).

Fundraisers include Scrip, Annual Giving Campaign, Bids 4 Kids, Culver’s Scoopie evenings, apparel sales and school portrait sales. In order to meet our budgetary fundraising goals, all families are strongly encouraged to participate in our fundraising events throughout the school year.  Rock Prairie Montessori School makes great effort to limit the number of fundraisers as possible by choosing one’s that have proven to be most successful. Fundraising is a vital key to keeping tuition increases each year to a minimum and reach budgetary goals.

Social gatherings like the Bonfire Bash are great opportunities for parents and students to enjoy each others company in a relaxed environment. These events are also wonderful ways to volunteer, meet other parents and contribute to the school community.

Educational opportunities for parents also occur throughout the school year. Some are general, for the entire school, while others are program specific. Also, twice a school year in the fall and spring teachers have Parent/Teacher conferences for every student. All time spent at an educational opportunity qualifies as a volunteer hours.

Please watch the Google calendar for upcoming events!