Elementary students learning gardening in addition to their core academics and specials.

Elementary students learning gardening in addition to their core academics and specials.

Capital Campaign Countdown

We’re almost there!

We are well on our way to reaching our capital campaign goal!  With two thirds of our expansion budget raised and secured, we are thankful for the generous support we have received up to this point.  In order for us to move forward from  conceptual planning into the building phase, we are asking for your support.* 

Montessori Middle School

A  Montessori  middle school’s  culture is devoted to  helping  each student grow toward independence   by   building  confidence, competence,  self-esteem  and  respect for others. The middle school  approach has a focus  of  inquiry-based learning with curricular areas that include:  Science, Social Science, Geography, Language Arts, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Micro Economies,  Financial  Literacy and often a Farm/Outdoor Lab component. 

Plans and Possibilities

Beyond the building to host the middle school, our plan includes projects to enhance all of our  existing programs; new natural play spaces for all levels, a greenhouse to expand on our community garden concept, ecological restoration of our woods, and an Artisan work space for upper elementary and middle school students where they can learn and participate in  activities  such  as  wood working and  pottery.   One  key  phase  of  our plan was completed this summer with the beautiful     remodel of our Toddlers’ House classrooms.

 RPMS Vision for the Future

The  addition of a middle school and outdoor  learning lab bring endless possibilities to our whole school community.  Our goal is to provide middle school students an opportunity to  participate  in  a robust     academic  curriculum along with real  world  experiences  to aid in the development of autonomy, responsibility, and practical life skills as students apply what they  have  learned  through   meaningful work. 

Our youngest children in the Toddlers’ and Children’s House  as well as our lower and upper elementary students, will  also benefit from  the outdoor  lab.  It will  provide countless opportunities for “field trips” and hands-on experiences in areas of botany, forestry, animal care and environmental awareness. 


Phase 1 Completed!

Phase 1 Completed!

The campaign is being completed in three phases, pending campaign results:

Phase 1 (Summer 2019) - COMPLETED:  Consolidating Toddler House entryway to one area to enable two classrooms to operate in that wing, addressing the roof drainage issue in that corner. As part of the move, our growing Upper Elementary now enjoys its own space, and Lower Elementary to accept projected growth.

Phase 2 (2019-2020 school year):  The middle school addition will be built, including outdoor learning areas.  In addition to needing space to learn, opportunities to learn practical life skills such as gardening and animal tending, letting children develop even higher levels of confidence, independence, and knowledge.

Phase 3 (Spring/Summer 2020):  Once completed, the grounds in the back of the school will be refreshed, using a larger ratio of natural materials to create a beautiful, dynamic playground for our students.  Studies show that children who play on natural playgrounds tend to be more active than those who play on traditional playgrounds with metal and brightly colored equipment. Other benefits of natural playgrounds include their inherent safety features and longevity.

We Need Your Help

You can leave a lasting legacy at RPMS that all will be able to see and enjoy for years to come.  We gratefully welcome all gifts, large and small, as participation of our community is what makes a difference.  You can donate by either clicking on the DONATE button on this page or, to save us Paypal processing fees, mail in a donation (checks made out to RPMS) to Rock Prairie Montessori School, 5246 E Rotamer Rd, Janesville, WI  53546.  For more information on the campaign, please contact Todd Buehl, Campaign Chair, at (608) 207-5118 or todd.buehl@abcsupply.com.    


Family Giving

Donations may be made in your family name or in memorial.

Pink Tower Level$ 100 - $1999 -Leaf on our Legacy Tree

Sandpaper Letters Level:  $2000 - $14,999 - Leaf on our Legacy Tree, and being honored as a Recognized Donor for the greenhouse or playground features.

Golden Beads Level:  $15,000 - $99,999 - Leaf on our Legacy Tree and honored as a Featured  Donor for the Artisan Work Shop, or Barn, or the Science and Technology Lab.

RPMS Legacy Level: $ 100,000 or more - Prominent recognition on the Legacy Tree and being honored as a  Legacy Donor for the Adolescent Wing or Toddler Wing.


Corporate Giving

Small Business Supporter $1000 - $9,999 -  Leaf on our Legacy Tree, recognition in our weekly updates.

Silver Level: $10,000 - $74,999 - Leaf on our Legacy Tree and company logo on our Website

Gold Level: $75,000 – or more - Leaf on our Legacy Tree, company logo on our Website, recognition in our weekly      update, Facebook page and bi-annual school programs.


25 Years of Excellence

In 1994, a group of dedicated parents created a small Montessori preschool, with the intention to provide a solid foundation for their children’s education.  Rock Prairie Montessori School moved into its current quarters in 1997, a beautifully designed building set on a spacious tract of 10 acres, thanks to the founding families and donations from the community including a generous share from the Hedberg Foundation.  Twenty-five years later, the school is just about at full capacity, serving students 18 months of age to grade 6, and ready for growth.   We are proud to continue the time-tested Montessori tradition of nurturing students to reach their potential through beautifully prepared environments of authentic materials, certified teachers, and peace education.