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We are happy to once again partner with STEM for Kids to offer after school programming for our elementary-age students (grades 1 through 6).  We will hold classes on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-4:30, with 2 sessions offered each of those days:  one for Grades 1-2 and another for Grades 3-6.  See below for descriptions, followed by a sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

Grades 1-2 Offerings:

Robotics (Sessions 1 and 3):  Participants learn the basics of computer programming to apply to robots used to explore, transport, pull, rescue and recycle!  Students will design, building, problem solve, computer program, think critically collaborate and community - all while having fun with Legos!  WeDo 2.0 is based on the real world's need for robots to make our world safer and more efficient!

SCRATCH (Session 2):  Participants will learn the basics of what computer programming is and the foundational skills to begin building their own programs.  We will use off-line games and drag-and-drop programs to have fun learning just how people control computers and not the other way around!

SCRATCH (Session 4):  Participants will continue to develop basic computer programming skills and apply them to independent projects.

Independent Robot Building (Session 5):  Calling all Lego WeDo Robot Engineers!  Time to make your own robots using the skills you learned in Robotics from Sessions 1/3.  Each week, students will explore base models and design and program their own!  (Must have taken at least one previous robotics class).

Grades 3-6 Offerings:

KODU Game Making (Session 1):  Participants will use picture-based coding to develop their very own video game.  This session focuses on understanding game making tools such as land and character development and atmosphere.

Robotics - Review and Advanced Robots (Session 2):  Participants will build robots with a focus on specific skills and advanced programming.  Advanced robots will be build and programmed.  Focus of this class will shift to more advanced programming.

KODU Game Making II (Session 3):  Students will utilize previously learned skills to develop multi-faceted games involving interacting characters with a specific goal in mind to determine completion of group developed ideas.

Robotics - OPEN Project Challenges (Session 4):  Participants will be provided a new challenge each week in which to build and code a robot.

KODU Game Making III (Session 5):  Participants will work with a partner to plan, design, program, debug and play a video game.  Students will test each other's games to help provide appropriate feedback for improvements.