Scrip are gift certificates from national and local retailers, the same gift certificates that you buy at the store.  Many popular retailers participate in our scrip program including Woodman’s, Kohl’s¸ Culver’s, Wal-Mart, BP and many more.

Scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our school at a discount.  Families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and the difference comes back to the school as revenue.  And scrip is exciting, because everybody wins:

  • The retailer gets cash up front and repeat business…

  • You get a powerful fundraising alternative that involves no selling

  • Rock Prairie gets a regular source of revenue.

  • Families receive a credit towards tuition once $100 rebate revenue is raised for the school.

The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny.  Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program!  Scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gas and even dining out.

A family can raise $100 for Rock Prairie in a very short time without spending more. Think about what your monthly expenses include and rather than paying cash, consider paying with scrip. For example, take what you spend in one month on basic necessities and luxuries;

  • $200 for gas per month using Shell scrip (2.5% of $200) = $5 revenue for RPMS

  • $600 for groceries using Woodman’s scrip (5% of $600) = $36 revenue for RPMS

  • $50 for dinner at Olive Garden using scrip (9% of $50) = $4.50 revenue for RPMS

  • $20 for coffee at Starbucks using scrip (7% of $20) = $1.40 revenue for RPMS

In this example, by using scrip for your monthly purchases of $870 you raised $46.90 for our school. Once you reach a $100 rebate, 50% of any additional amount raised for RPMS will be banked and applied towards your next year’s tuition!!

RPMS requires each family to purchase a minimum of $2,000 of Scrip each year (June 1– May 31). RPMS retains the first $100 of the rebate generated from the Parents and 50% of any additional rebate. Families determine how they would like the remaining rebate allocated on their Enrollment Contract; donation to RPMS, cash back, or towards next year's tuition.

Parents who do not meet the required minimum must ‘buy out’ the balance of the minimum. The Parents are responsible for a $100 buy out fee (5% of the required amount). The balance will be prorated and any balance due will be indicated on a separate invoice.

Scrip can be purchased for your friends, family or even your neighbors at the RPMS school office or online.  We have selected items in inventory that are available daily during regular school hours or you can  place an order on Mondays by 9 am to receive non-inventory Scrip that next Friday at drop-off.

Scrip Links

Family User Guide

How to Order Scrip Online

Inventory Order Form (Inventory Scrip cards are available for purchase in the school office between 8:00 am-3:45 pm.)

Non-Inventory Order Form (Non-inventory Scrip orders are due each Monday by 9 am (*unless otherwise announced) and available for pick-up on that Friday morning after 8 am.)

Great Lake Scrip Center Retail List as of  1.6.17 (Go to for the most up-to-date retail list)

Other Ordering Options:

Order online with Shop With Scrip

Make payment online by setting up Presto-Pay

Get selected Scrip direct using Scrip-Now

Place a Scrip-Now order anywhere using MyScripWallet

Reload your Scrip using Re-load It