• Spend quality time with your young child.

  • Allow your young child to explore a stimulating environment.

  • Enjoy opportunities to focus on your child while he/she interacts with age appropriate materials and interacts peacefully with peers.

  • Become familiar with Montessori education and its practices for both home and school.

  • Receive information on various topicsrelating to child development.

Montessori Beginnings, an adult and infant program, is a unique educational experience for young children from birth through 18 months of age and one of their respective parents/caregivers. Rock Prairie Montessori School offers this program for free to the local community (though we are happy to take donations!).  The groups meet with certified Montessori teachers in an appealing and comfortable Montessori environment designed to meet the child’s changing needs.  We offer two different group times (8:30-9:45 am and 10:00-11:15 am) and take registrations on a first come-first-serve basis. (If a session has low enrollment, the two sessions will be combined and participants notified.)

Each class is unique unto itself.  Therefore, to gain the most out of this program attendance is encouraged at each class.  Each group will meet on Thursdays in room 1b off of the Toddlers’ House playground. Click here to register.